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Shanna Dew

Shanna was introduced to yoga in 2006 as a freshman in college, practicing in a dimly lit old gym on the farthest end of campus. This simple introduction sparked her interest and devotion to learn more about the mind-body connection. Shanna’s yoga practice soon became a thread of consistency in her life, and foundation of emotional regulation, which sustained her attentiveness throughout her undergraduate degrees, and afterwards, when she taught internationally. She is now a graduate student at Santa Clara University, where she is working towards her counseling psychology licenses.

Shanna earned her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Lila Yoga, in Spokane,Washington, her hometown, where she practiced and studied under the guidance of Lee Bear Tobin. She is currently enrolled in Piedmont Yoga Studio’s 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training program. Her other yoga trainings include: Street Yoga Teacher Training, a Portland, Oregon based non-profit which focuses on making yoga accessible to at-risk youth, Yoga for Kids Teacher Training with Tiffany Belzer at Yoga Garden, San Francisco, and a Yoga For Teens Teacher Training, with Erin Lila Wilson at Yoga Garden.

While Shanna has taught a range of age levels from kindergarten to college, she is most drawn to working with teens, as she believes that her teenage years were the most emotionally vulnerable for herself. It is her hope to be of benefit to her students by creating a space which allow teens to explore their own mind-body connection, free of societal pressures, a space to let go of past and future worries, and find one's own unique sense of acceptance and peace on their mats.


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